Ideas Crafted,Products Adored:
Your Concept,Our Creation,Their Purchase!

Ideas Crafted, Products Adored:
Your Concept,
Our Creation,
Their Purchase!

Turning ideas into Gold

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Ecommerce-lite SaaS

Ecommerce-lite SaaS

Your budget-friendly gateway to a stunning, feature-rich online store. Big dreams, small budget, no problem!


We also offer a wide range of services including


Web Design

Our pixel-perfect, customer-engaging websites transform ideas into compelling online experiences, amplifying visibility, sparking purchases, and fuelling business growth.


Mobile App Development

Navigating Android intricacies, Flutter flutters, React Native rhythms, and iOS Swift melodies, we distill mobile complexity, crafting apps as comforting as your morning coffee.


Systems Development

Revolutionizing organizational Efficiency: Our software innovations streamline daily processes, transforming chaos into seamless routines, one click at a time.



Your Tech Pathfinder: Our consulting services decode complexities, providing individuals and organizations with personalized roadmaps, transforming visions into technological achievements.


UI/UX Audits and Redesign Services

Revitalise User Experiences: Our UI/UX Audits and Redesign Services breathe new life into digital platforms, transforming evaluations into engaging journeys and outdated interfaces into modern marvels.


Cybersecurity Services

Guarding Digital Fortresses: Our Cybersecurity Services fortify your digital realm through meticulous vulnerability assessments, rigorous penetration testing, thorough security audits, and impenetrable data encryption solutions.


Cloud Support

Navigate Cloud Evolution: Seamlessly migrate to cutting-edge cloud technologies like Docker and Kubernetes with our expert guidance, reshaping your digital landscape for optimal efficiency and innovation.


Payment Services

Seamless Transactions, Elevated Experience: Integrate mobile money and bank services into your website and app effortlessly, transforming user interactions into smooth, secure, and instant financial transactions.

Perochi Why Us

Why us?

Profit Driven Innovation

We transform ideas into revenue by focusing on strategic innovation, ensuring your concept translates into sustainable profits.

We Listen

Listening to your idea, we infuse creativity and expertise, aligning seamlessly with your aspirations to bring it to life.

A Journey Towards Sustainability

Beyond development, we partner in your journey, creating scalable solutions for a lasting digital presence and enduring success.

Timely Market Entry

With our efficient processes and modern technologies, we ensure swift iterations, managing your expectations and ensuring punctual market entry.

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